About CLIR
Version 2.27.00

Collaborative Laboratory Integrated Reports (CLIR) is an interactive Web Tool created jointly by staff of the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, and of the Department of Information Technology, Mayo Clinic. Key contributors and collaborators are located at Oslo University Hospital, Norway, and at the California Department of Public Health.

The clinical utility of CLIR is based on three major elements:

  1. Replacement of traditional cutoff values with continuous adjustments for age and other covariates of reference ranges shown as seamless percentile charts. CLIR reference ranges are derived by retrospective analysis of “big data”, tens and even hundreds of thousands of data points from a growing worldwide community of collaborators.
  2. Creation of cumulative, covariate-adjusted disease ranges for all informative markers for target conditions, usually clustered by specialty and/or type of markers;
  3. Post-analytical interpretive tools that integrate all relevant results into a single score. Tools are applicable either to the diagnosis and/or prognosis of a condition or to the differential diagnosis between pairs of conditions (for example benign variant vs. classic disease, responsive/not responsive to treatment).

A complete list of clinical applications can be provided upon request.

Please contact us (RSTCLIRsupport@mayo.edu) if you would like to participate in CLIR or have any questions.